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We can also help you identify and secure new or additional space.

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Departments may want to make better or different use of their existing space, for example, to accommodate a new research team or change a meeting room to an office. We will work closely with you to identify the best space solution. We can advise on furniture and space layouts to make the most efficient use of your space and create comfortable working or learning environments. 

We can also advise on different ways of working, including the process of transitioning to open plan office space or hot-desking and the use of smart furniture solutions. If changes to building fabric are needed, such as removing or creating walls, our Heritage and Building team or Capital Projects team will manage the work. 

Funding the changes

The Small Works Fund may be used to improve space utilisation, support agile and flexible working, and release underused space (e.g., funding for agile furniture). Contact us at or visit the Small Works Fund webpage for more information.


We need to understand how you are using the space you currently occupy and why you need more space before we can consider allocating additional space. We ask departments to consult with their Divisions before contacting us. 

This is the process:

  1. Department or division completes a space bid form and returns it to the Space Management team – find this on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. We confirm your space requirements with you and incorporate your priorities into wider University space planning. We liaise with divisions to ensure we also take into account priority needs across the division.
  3. We work with you to identify a solution – this could be reconfiguring existing space or finding additional space
  4. If applicable, we look for available and suitable space
  5. We present a solution(s) to you
  6. If the department and division is content with the solution, we put a space allocation forward for approval by the Director of Estates, or by University committee and sometimes Congregation – the level of approval needed depends on the size of the space allocation. View the Space allocation approvals process
  7. If the allocation is approved, we notify you and arrange handover of the space

Please contact us for more information or advice about additional space.

We encourage departments to release space they no longer need. You can only release space back to Estates Services – you cannot release space or grant rights of occupation to a third party. 

The first step is to consult with your division. You will then need to complete a space release form (click on the download button on the right) and send it to the Space Management team. There must be separate dedicated access to the space you want to release, free from any restrictions. For example it cannot be accessible via an area which only authorised persons can enter.

If we approve your request, please note that you will still be responsible for space charges (including PRISC and Capital Charge).  You may also be responsible for operational charges (such as for facilities management or utilities) for the rest of the financial year, even if you have vacated the space.

There will be a formal handover meeting to release space back to Estates. You will be responsible for handing the space back clear of any departmental belongings and cleaned to an acceptable standard.

From time to time and under certain circumstances the University does lease out space to external organisations – find out about sharing space with third parties.

Please contact us for more information or advice about releasing space.

For more information, please contact the team on or +44(0)1865 280806.

Standing Orders

For general guidance on the split of responsibilities between departments and Estates Services refer to the Standing Orders.


Contact us

Emma Edmunds, Head of Space Management

Mel Cumpston, Team Administrator
+44(0)1865 280806