Design Services

Our team of surveyors and architects can provide a range of professional services to support your requirements: 

  • Project management and oversight 
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Detailed design and specification
  • Managing the planning process
  • Project procurement and tendering
  • Construction phase and contractor management

We work closely with our dedicated accessibility advisors and joinery service to ensure the project design is not only compliant but also functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

How it works

  1. Raise your enquiry through the form provided. Please ensure that you include as much detail as possible. 

  2. Our team will review and assess your project to ensure that we fully understand your needs and requirements. 

  3. If we can support the project, we will confirm via email. The team will then set up a client file and provide you with a fee proposal (subject to terms and capacity). If the fee is accepted, we will commence the project. 

  4. If we cannot support the project, the team will notify you by email. 

Our latest projects

Explore the Buildings and Space news section to learn more about the work we have been doing to conserve and restore the University Estate. 

Project Management

Conservation and Restoration projects 

We provide a comprehensive, fully managed service for your project, focusing on preserving the original materials, structure, and features of historical buildings. Our goal is to make them adaptable for modern-day use while maintaining their authenticity. 

Project Oversight  

Oversee and coordinate a project through all RIBA Stages from project inception to completion. Formulate and clarify project objectives and organise cost estimates. 
Steer the project through the University approvals process and Committees where applicable.

Design Development  

Provide guidance and select appropriate consultants to join the design team, both in terms of conceptual and technical expertise. Ensure that the design aligns with the project brief and meets all relevant legal standards and regulations. 

Consultant Coordination 

Ensure that consultants engage at the appropriate stages according to our university framework. Establish consistent communication channels and manage the exchange of information to facilitate the design development process while keeping the client updated on progress. 

Effective Communication  

Engage regularly with clients, stakeholders, and decision-makers to provide project updates and gather feedback. Maintain thorough project documentation, including meeting minutes, to ensure transparency and accountability. Monitor project progress to ensure alignment with established timelines and objectives. 

Feasibility studies

Client Brief 

Our team will commence our services with a client meeting to understand their vision and objectives.  

Review Local Planning Policy and Design Guides 

Identify any heritage-related planning considerations, ensure adherence to local planning policies, and design standards. Ensure that the project proposal aligns with these policies and fulfils the necessary requirements to obtain planning permission or listed building consent, if applicable. 

Site Analysis  

Evaluate the site and the wider setting, such as any site constraints and environmental factors, and identify any historically significant elements.  

Design Coordination and Stakeholder Consultation  

We will assess which professional disciplines and stakeholders are relevant to the project and coordinate all feedback to guide design development. Our emphasis will be on incorporating heritage considerations throughout the process. 

Initial concept design, design development and options appraisal 

By thoroughly grasping the site characteristics and local planning policies, we can make informed decisions to create conceptual designs/options that enhance the surroundings, address heritage considerations, and meet your project requirements effectively. 

Budget project cost estimates 

We will coordinate with consultants throughout the design process, working closely with contractors and quantity surveyors. Once the initial design is drafted, we will collaborate to obtain a cost estimate for your project. 

Managing the planning process

Pre-application and Planning Application Documentation  

We can arrange a meeting with the client to understand the project brief. Following this, we will conduct thorough desktop research to evaluate site constraints and relevant planning policies. Subsequently, we will be able to prepare, oversee and submit the relevant planning application.  


The University has monthly planning meetings with the Oxford City Council to discuss all planning applications to provide early-stage feedback.  

Listed Building Consent  

We can provide expert heritage advice and prepare the relevant Listed building consent documents to ensure regulatory compliance and preservation of historical integrity. The University has a large portfolio of listed buildings, and it is a legal requirement to complete a listed building consent with any alterations to be made to the building.   

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