Lost cards

  • If you are a student, please report the lost card to your college office (or designated departmental administrator if you have no college) as soon as possible. They will send a request for a new card to the Card Office.
  • If you are a member of staff, please report the lost card to your department or college HR as soon as possible so they can inform the Card Office.

A £15 replacement fee is required, which should be paid on the Online Store as soon as possible.

Instruction for Card Administrators

If a card holder has reported a lost card to you, please inform us by email immediately and we will stop the card. Reporting this loss quickly will prevent unauthorised use of the card.

You will also need to advise the card holder that they will need to make a £15 lost card payment via the online store if they have not done so already.

If a lost card is recovered after a replacement has been requested, it cannot be used and must be returned to you to be destroyed. The barcode and internal chip are changed after a card has been reported as lost. This means the old card has effectively been cancelled and cannot be reactivated.

If urgent library access is required, the Bodleian Library Admissions Office in the Weston Library, Broad Street will issue you a day pass until the new card is ready.

Once the lost card payment has been received, the new card will be sent to you to forward to the card holder.

Replacement card

Follow the link below to make a payment of £15 for your replacement card. 



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