Leasing space from outside the University

We call this leasing-in. This decision is part of the space allocation process  and has to be approved by the Buildings & Estates Sub Committee, the Capital Steering Group and the Planning Resources Allocation Committee, and in some cases Congregation.

Our Asset Management team will handle all arrangements to lease space from outside the University, sometimes using external property consultants. This includes finding suitable space and negotiating terms with the landlord. We ask departments not to approach potential landlords directly. 

You can find more information in the guide: procedure for taking leased space into the functional estate.

Existing leases

If your department is already leasing space, the Asset Management team will help you make sure the lease runs smoothly, handle any negotiations with the landlord and answer any queries you may have, including about:

  • rent reviews and increases
  • service charges
  • obtaining consent from the landlord to make alterations
  • responsibility for external and internal repairs

Leases coming to an end

If you’re nearing the end of your department’s lease but want to remain in occupation, we will handle the lease renewal, making sure the new terms are favourable and reflect the market. The same Committee approvals will be required as for a new lease/space allocation. 

If you’re planning to vacate the property, we can help with dilapidations – these are negotiations about any repairs or reinstatement works that the landlord may require in accordance with the lease. We can also advise on break clauses and surrenders if you’re looking to leave a property before the lease end.

Sharing space with third parties

From time to time we will arrange to share space on the University’s estate with another company or organisation that we have a close relationship with, or because we share the same research objectives.  We call this leasing-out.

If you’re considering such an arrangement for the space you occupy, please complete an information request form in the first instance.

All leasing-out arrangements go through the same committee approval procedure as leased-in space and will only be approved if the space is not needed for another department of the University. If approved, the Asset Management team will help you set up an appropriate tenancy arrangement to ensure the interests of your department and the University are protected. 

You can find more information in the policy: third party occupation of functional space.

We welcome early involvement in all cases – please contact the Asset Management team for more information and advice about any aspect of leases.

Polices & Procedures

Procedure for taking leased space into the functional estate



Policy for Third Party Occupation of Functional Space



Information Request Form for Third Party Occupation 


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