Changes to your space

This is so we can:

  • keep our estates database up to date
  • calculate departmental space charges accurately
  • make sure that the University complies with local authority planning regulations
  • report estates statistics accurately to funders and other bodies
  • respond to Freedom of Information requests

Please inform us about:

Notify us of any structural changes to the space your department occupies, for example, if walls have been added or removed, or doors and windows have been repositioned or added. The Information Team will adjust the data we hold in the space database, as well as the floor plans we have of your building.

Notify us if the way you use space in your department has changed, for example, if you now use an office as storage space, or if you have divided an office into office space and common room space. Changes like this may have an impact on the way we charge for your space.

If you’re considering moving from your space, please contact our Space Management team about releasing space back to the University.

Please read more about sharing space with an organisation outside the University if you are considering this as an option.

Read more

View the University’s space regulations in the Estates Standing Orders 


Contact us

Lomin Saayman, Information Records Manager

Mel Cumpston, Team Administrator

+44(0)1865 2 80808

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