Utility purchasing, metering and billing

This ensures that we are able to monitor and purchase energy at the best price for all of our users. The contracted suppliers generate bills using automatic (AMR) meters where possible or manual readings, where AMR meters are not present.

Where large supplies cover multiple buildings and departments, ‘split’ bills are generated using both main and sub meters. In some cases where there is limited sub metering, costs may be divided by the percentage of floor area.



Your bills and energy usage can be viewed in detail on the University dedicated energy software system SystemsLink. 

For training and log in details please contact sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk.


Need help to understand your bills?

Guidance documents and sample invoices are available to help interpret your bills. Please click on the buttons to view.


Metering enquiries

For general metering enquiries please contact sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Additional meters can be installed upon request, though there may be a charge for this service.

For any of the following services please contact sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk:

  • connection of existing meters to SystemsLink.
  • installation of additional meters
  • installation of temporary metering
  • heat meters and connection to the BMS system/ION system and online system

Billing enquiries

For all billing enquiries please contact sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk

For example:

  • if a bill reading is estimated and you have an actual meter reading or are having problems obtaining a meter reading for a re-bill if you believe there is an error with the bill.
  • if you are moving in or out and need to give us start and end meter readings, or you are having problems obtaining the readings.
  • you have changed mailing addresses and/or charge codes.
  • you have a bill payment query.

For the following services please contact sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk:

  • installation of a new electricity, gas, or water connection
  • removal of any redundant electricity, gas or water meters and connections.