Information about your space

Estates Services collects and maintains detailed records of all academic, commercial and graduate accommodation buildings in the University estate. In the first instance, all information is collected in the Planon facilities management database, but we make it available for viewing and downloading in ArcGIS Online and in Vault. The information we can provide includes: 

  • Building names and unique building numbers 
  • Location data and registered addresses 
  • Ownership (including lease information, Land Registry entries and boundaries) 
  • Drawings and floor plans  
  • Planning records (including listed building information) 
  • Design records 
  • Insurance replacement values 
  • Business rates and valuations 

View information about your space

ArcGIS Online

Our space information hub (ArcGIS Online) stores the latest space data and floor plans of buildings in the functional estate. The hub is an online system, enabling full access to your data. Both data and floor plans can be viewed, downloaded and printed online. You can also determine how much you are charged for a space.

On the platform, you can filter data, navigate and print floor plans, create dashboards, export space reports, and provide feedback on changes to space. 

Only authorised users can view space information. If you would like to become an authorised user, please contact


Autodesk Vault is online document-management software. We use it to securely store all floor plans of buildings in the estate, in both AutoCAD and PDF formats. The PDF versions of floor plans can be downloaded and printed. 

Vault also collects a vast trove of historical documents about the estate, such as drawings, photographs, operations manuals and reports. 

If you would like to access Vault, please contact

The Estates Services Library

The library contains original records about the University estate going back to the early twentieth century, including photographs and construction records. Please note, older records are kept in the University Archives. Unfortunately, most of these unique paper records cannot be replaced, so there are strict procedures for using the library.

In the first instance, complete the information request form to tell us about the information you need. Then, if possible, we will scan the records and deliver them to you by email or via OxFile, the University’s web-based service for the exchange of large files. We aim to do this within five working days.

You can also visit the Estates Services Library in person at the Examination Schools on Oxford High Street, on Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 5pm. You will need an appointment to visit: please contact to arrange this.

To remove any materials, you will need permission from library staff. We can usually provide a scan or photocopy.

To learn about using the library, download our operating procedures or contact us for more information.

ShapeSpace Operating Procedures 

ArcGIS User's Guide



How to use Estates Services library


Access the library

Complete a Library Information Request Form 


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Information team 

+44 (0)1865 2 80808 


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