Gardens and landscaping

We offer a full, horticultural, landscaping and arboricultural service to the wider University and Oxford colleges: 


Did you know?

We reuse material from project work, such as the 3,000 tonnes of excavated material taken from the Rodney Porter building. This ballast, called Hoggin, is used to maintain the pathways in the Parks in the traditional way.

Our green waste that is generated as part of our operation, around 400 tonnes, is processed into compost every year. This is used as a soil improver and to help retain moisture levels in the ground during the summer months.

Image of All Souls turf renovation

All Souls turf renovation

Lawn Care

  • Mowing, to include college quadrangles and building frontages and large open spaces and verges.
  • Treatments for improving the appearance and health of fine lawn areas, to include scarification, aeration, product applications for lawn feeds, top dressings and pest, disease and weed control.

Border Maintenance

  • Shrub pruning, to include routine thinning and renovations, training of climbers and staking herbaceous specimens.
  • Design and planting Seasonal bedding schemes for spring and summer interest.
  • Container planting and maintenance to include seasonal displays and watering.
  • Carrying out weed, pest and disease control using a range of techniques from mulching to mechanical removal.

Hedge Trimming

  • Trimming and shaping of formal and informal hedges, to include, care of topiary, cloud hedges, height reductions and hedgerow renovations.

Hard Surface Maintenance

  • Sweeping and collection of debris utilising specialist industrial equipment. Weed control using mechanical and chemical methods and small scale surface cleaning and maintenance.
Image of Arborist working within tree

Arborist working within tree

Tree Care

  • Remedial work, including crown reduction and reshaping, removal of hazardous limbs, dead wood, and root zone amelioration.
  • Tree and stump removals.
  • Tree planting, establishment and aftercare.

Tree surveying

  • Tree health inspections utilising a range of techniques, including visual tree assessments, sonic tomography (PICUS) surveys, and resistograph examinations.
  • Condition surveying of tree stock with associated management planning.

Trees in relation to planning and construction

We undertake arboricultural reporting for planning submissions that comply with the British Standard ‘BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, demolition and Construction – Recommendations’. 

This includes:    

  • Surveying and categorisation of the tree stock
  • Production of constraints diagrams for design teams
  • Arboricultural impact assessments
  • Tree protection plans
  • Arboricultural method statements
  • On-site technical investigations in relation to roots and tree condition
  • Arboricultural facilitation works
  • Programme monitoring of works for compliance reporting

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The team care for the 1,600 trees within the Parks, plus the rest of the University’s stock dotted around the city – over 3,500 trees in total.


Landscape design

Hand-drawn landscape plans for St Anthony's College gardens

St Antony's College landscaping plan

  • Consultation and development of planting schemes, landscape features, producing planting plans and creating interesting and sustainable outside spaces.

Soft Landscaping

  • Planting and soil preparations, lawn creation through turf laying and seed sowing to include correct aftercare and establishment.

Hard Landscaping

  • Installation of paved areas, pathway construction, gravel laying and fabricated lawn edgings.
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